Motivation Thursdays!!!

Hello Thursday, my old friend! So nice to see you again.

Are you like me? It is Thursday, you wake up and think for half a second that it is Friday, or even better, Saturday morning? Only to be slapped in the face with the reminded that it is only THURSDAY?!?! UGH!!!!

But….it is going to be okay because I have something to help you get through these last two days of the work week and make it to the weekend.


This weeks motivation is something I heard on a motivational speech, however, I am do not know who should receive credit for it since it has been said by many people now:


Yes, I know, it is simple, but if you take it in, really take it in, you will see that it can be extremely powerful. Next time you face a task, or situation that is getting you down, repeat this out loud then jump into it with both feet!!!

Thanks for reading and remember to check back next week for the next Motivational Thursday post!

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