Decluttering Challenge

CLUTTER!!!!! All the clutter! No matter where I look I see clutter!



(okay, its not this extreme but you get the point)

What can I do about it? I re-arrange, re-organize, and still feel like my house is over flowing with stuff. Which then, in turn, makes me entire life feel cluttered, chaotic and just plain stressful.

Ever since becoming a mother I have realized that my unreasonable attachment to stuff was just crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I was not (am not) a pack rat or a hoarder but I defiantly had some strange attachments to items because….. insert whatever excuse worked for the item I was talking about…. however, now I truly just want simplicity in my life!!

After spending way too much time looking at things on Pinterest, or watching YouTube videos I realized that all I was doing was procrastinating. Instead of tacking the mess, the clutter, the cupboards full of stuff that I haven’t used in who knows how long, I was researching ways to tack it or ways to make it easier.


Don’t think about it, just do it! If you have read this far then you must be interested in making a change in your life as well, why not start now.  ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START!!!



(My goal – Clean, Simple, Organized spaces that I can breath in)

Over the next few months I will post a weekly challenge item for you to do. Leave me a comment and let me know how this process is working for you, what you find is working, what isn’t working, if there is a specific topic you would like some tips on and also if you are feeling better by decluttering your life. I will try to keep the challenges on the smaller side so no matter how long you have to spend on this each week you should be able to tackle it.

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Thanks for reading and welcome to the Mom Life Simple tribe if you are new to my page.

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