Cash Envelopes!!

Have you heard of Cash Envelopes before? If not you maybe missing out!!!

Cash envelopes are a simple way to help you keep within your budget and it is super simple.

Once you create your budget for the month, week, or whatever time line, you simply pull out cash for expenses like groceries, gas, entertainment, or whatever. You then put your cash into the appropriate envelope. During the month (or week) you spend only the cash from that envelope for that category.

So example:

You spend $100 a week on groceries. On payday you put $100 into your grocery envelope and during the week you only use cash from that envelope for groceries. If you spend it all before the end of the week you must make due with whatever you have in the fridge or cupboards. On your next payday you pull $100 cash out and fill your grocery envelope again. Anything you have left over you can roll into the next week or use that money towards something else like paying off debt.

Cash Envelopes can be made of anything you want:

  • Plain white envelopes
  • Binder clips
  • A wallet with divers
  • Decorative envelopes like these:

(these are some that I sell on Etsy -. Y store name is “MomLifeSimple” – go check it out).

If you are new to using cash envelopes I suggest watching a YouTube video about them or look them up on Pinterest to get a better understanding of how to “stuff your envelopes”, plus if you are anything like me you will become motivated by watching others success!

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