What is your “WHY”?

Each person has their own reasons for doing anything (and everything) that we do. So…what is your why?

Why do you make the decisions that you make?

Why are you who you are?

Why do you live the way you live?

And most importantly….Why does your why matter to you?


Before becoming a mom my why was my husband, myself, and what we felt like we “needed” right now. Every decision our family made was selfish, for us, in the now. Yes, we thought about the future but our actions were mainly driven by our immediate satisfaction. We wanted what we wanted and we wanted it now. Didn’t have the cash for the item, that’s okay, charge. Wanted to go on a trip or to an event but we were supposed to  be working, that’s okay, call out of work.

Well, everything changed when we found out that we were pregnant!! We realized that babies cost a LOT of money and we were not ready!! Have you looked into how it costs to have a kid?!?!?!?!

We had to think about the cost of the supplies needed for a baby, health care and medical expenses, taking time off of work, diapers, formula…….(the list goes on and on)…… well, we realized we needed to change the way that we were living life, and our priorities.

That was our “eyes wide open” moment. We sat down, took a good long look at our finances, what we spent on groceries, eating out, cable, phones, etc. We put together a plan and tackled it to the best of our ability.

Since having our son our why is still the same : Our Family

We now look forward to going on family trips/vacations, going to do activities on the weekends, spending time together, or simply going to the park. Our whole world changed and all it took was that faint second line on the pregnancy test.

So…..what drives your? What makes you do the things you do in your life? Leave a comment below with your why and tell me if you are living your life to fulfill your why? If not, what action do you need to take to live for your why?

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